Fitness Polyester Hip Resistance Loop Band

  • $112.99

Easy to carry-This hip band is Lightweight and portable and it comes in a convenient small pack  to fit in your pocket.  they are easy to take everywhere: home, gym, park, hotel.the item is Comfortable and durable.which can support and enhance your lower body routine.

Various options  -There are there color:red,blue, black and three sizes:L, M, S, M is for under 120lbs of body weight, L is for 120 lbs -260 lbs of body weight and XL is for over 260lbs of body weight.This allows exerciser to find the proper level of resistance that is comfortable.

Comprehensive exercise-You can use these workout bands for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms and shoulders. By placing the fitness bands around ankles, feet, or above the knees and begin your strength and mobility workout or warm-up, it will provide proper resistance for your muscle groups as you move forward or backward.